Coding With AI for Dummies

Chris Minnick

Language: English

Publisher: For Dummies

Published: Mar 26, 2024


Boost your coding output and accuracy with artificial intelligence tools

Coding with AI For Dummies introduces you to the many ways that artificial intelligence can make your life as a coder easier. Even if you’re brand new to using AI, this book will show you around the new tools that can produce, examine, and fix code for you. With AI, you can automate processes like code documentation, debugging, updating, and optimization. The time saved thanks to AI lets you focus on the core development tasks that make you even more valuable. Learn the secrets behind coding assistant platforms and get step-by-step instructions on how to implement them to make coding a smoother process. Thanks to AI and this Dummies guide, you’ll be coding faster and better in no time.

  • Discover all the core coding tasks boosted by artificial intelligence
  • Meet the top AI coding assistance platforms currently on the market
  • Learn how to generate documentation with AI and use AI to keep your code up to date
  • Use predictive tools to help speed up the coding process and eliminate bugs

This is a great Dummies guide for new and experienced programmers alike. Get started with AI coding and expand your programming toolkit with Coding with AI For Dummies.

From the Back Cover

Boost your coding output and accuracy with AI

Artificial intelligence tools like chatbots and autocompletion offer help to coders during every phase of the software development lifecycle. This book guides coders through AI platforms that help automate code creation, optimize code, test for errors, and make updates. Become more productive as you apply AI tools to make coding a smoother process. With this Dummies guide, you can turn AI into your own personal assistant.


  • Discover how AI helps you code
  • Evaluate AI coding platforms
  • Prompt AI to generate code
  • Improve your code quality
  • Debug or translate your work
  • Simplify documentation
  • Update and maintain legacy code

About the Author

Chris Minnick is an accomplished author, teacher, and programmer. Minnick authored or co-authored over 20 books, including titles in the For Dummies series. He has developed video courses for top online training platforms and he teaches programming and machine learning to professional developers at some of the largest global companies.