Mastering Project Management Integration and Scope: A Framework for Strategizing and Defining Project Objectives and Deliverables

Dietmar W. Sokowski

Language: English

Publisher: Ft Pr

Published: Jan 2, 1600


Mastering Project Management Integration and Scope gives managers powerful insights and tools for addressing the most crucial success factor in any project: completely and accurately defining project objectives and deliverables, and transforming your definitions into effective requirements and an integrated project plan.

This bookis part of a new series of six cutting-edge project management guides for both working practitioners and students. Like all books in this series, it offers deep practical insight into the successful design, management, and control of complex modern projects. Using real case studies and proven applications, expert authors show how multiple functions and disciplines can and must be integrated to achieve a successful outcome.

Individually, these books focus on realistic, actionable solutions, not theory. Together, they provide comprehensive guidance for working project managers at all levels, as well as indispensable knowledge for anyone pursuing PMI/PMBOK certification or other accreditation in the field.

From the Back Cover

All You Need to Know to Manage Integration and Scope Throughout the Full Project Lifecycle

• The only PM guide 100% focused on integration and scope, the key drivers of project success
• Shows how to avoid “scope creep” by actively managing scope from initiation through closing
• Illuminates deep linkages between integration, scope, and other PM processes
• Offers practical insights reflecting the author’s 30+ years of PM experience

Master all the modern project strategy and process definition techniques you need, in one focused tutorial!

Leading project consultant Dietmar W. Sokowski brings together powerful insights and tools for accurately defining project domains and boundaries, transforming your definitions into effective requirements and plans, and managing scope and integration from initiation to closing. His holistic approach helps you address actual project realities as you also deepen your knowledge of key PMP® PMBOK® processes and interrelationships. Sokowski addresses issues ranging from reflecting scope in effective project charters through validating that you’ve delivered what you promised. He also offers candid guidance on leading projects when stakeholders are morphing their requirements and making it a daily struggle to control scope.

Whatever your PM role, this tutorial will help you define projects you can successfully execute, keep all your participants and stakeholders aligned, and get the results you’re aiming for.

Integration and scoping are utterly critical to the success of any project. This is the first project management guide focused entirely on these two areas. Seasoned project manager Dietmar W. Sokowski considers these areas holistically, recognizing that scope must be actively managed throughout the entire project lifecycle, and is deeply interconnected with PM integration activities.

Sokowski addresses integration and scope throughout every major PMBOK® project phase, from initiation, with the definition of a single-point-of-reference (SPOR) project charter, through closing, with the completion of the project closure acceptance documentation (PCAD). Drawing on his 30+ years of project management and consulting experience, he offers valuable insights into issues ranging from building effective work breakdown structures to keeping projects from veering off course.

Whether you’re a working PM, PMP® certification candidate, or student, strong integration and scoping expertise is your foundation for success in any project role. This guide gives you that foundation.

• Correctly and completely define project objectives and deliverables
• Translate project domains and boundaries into requirements and integrated project plans
• More accurately assess the impact of potential project changes
• Manage “holistic” linkages among scope, integration, and other processes
• Gain a deeper real-world understanding of key PMBOK® processes

About the Author

Dietmar W. Sokowski is the Founder and Chief Consultant of QTunnel Business Consulting, a consultancy focused on critical thinking and a leading provider of services related to enterprise analysis, enterprise architecture, IT strategy, organizational development, project management, and project management training. He has more than 30 years of experience in diverse business fields, including banking, corporate IT, law enforcement, manufacturing, national security, and small businesses.

Dietmar earned his MBA at Northcentral University, his BSc in mathematics at Auburn University, a two-year certificate in adult professional education at the University Koblenz-Landau (Germany), and a Controller’s Diploma at the Controller Akademie Gauting/Munich (Germany).