The Energy of Success: Power Up Your Productivity, Transform Your Habits, and Maximize Workplace Motivation

Rebecca Ahmed

Language: English

Publisher: Wiley

Published: Apr 23, 2024


Increase your positive energy at work―and help your team do the same

In The Energy of Success , award-winning energy expert Rebecca Ahmed reveals precisely how to shift your physical, emotional, and mental potential through proven, easy-to-use strategies you can start using today. When you learn to shift your own and your team's energy (even if you are not in charge!), you will immediately increase their joy and enthusiasm, transform your workplace, and infuse positivity into your workplace…for everyone.

In the book, you'll find five energetic success principles and practical steps you can take immediately to improve your life and the positive influence you can have on the people around you. You'll also discover:

  • Key takeaways to empower others and prepare and control your own personal energy levels at work
  • Critical insights into how you can shift your employees' focus from dwelling on challenges to innovating and communicating solutions
  • Ways to control your responses and reactions to external factors at work, at home, and everywhere else

Perfect for employees of all levels, The Energy of Success is a must-read resource for professionals everywhere who hope to change and improve their energy to unlock new levels of success and happiness.

From the Inside Flap


In The Energy of Success , ­renowned energy expert and speaker, Rebecca Ahmed illustrates how you can shift your energy to increase your joy and enthusiasm at work; how you can transform your own experience no matter what’s going on with your colleagues; and how you are the only person who can decide whether you’re going to have a good or a bad day.

Rebecca introduces five energetic success principles and offers practical and easy-to-follow steps that you can take to quickly shift your own, or someone else’s, energy. She combines these insights with a proprietary energy assessment, key takeaways, and accessible strategies for improvement, empowering you and your people to control your own energy levels. This expansion of individual capabilities enhances everyone’s ability to positively influence those around them. The Energy of Success provides individuals and organizations with a powerful resource to elevate overall workplace satisfaction, boost employee engagement, and reduce turnover.

By integrating the principles outlined in this book, your organization can foster a culture of increased productivity and heightened employee morale, resulting in a more vibrant and successful work environment.

Perfect for employees of all levels, The Energy of Success is a must-read for professionals everywhere who hope to change and improve their energy to unlock new levels of success and happiness.

From the Back Cover

Praise for The Energy of Success

The Energy of Success is your roadmap to a vibrant work life. It’s a powerhouse of strategies to turbocharge productivity, reshape habits, and supercharge motivation. A must-read for those who aspire to conquer success with boundless energy.”
― Jan Jones, Board Member at Caesars Entertainment Corporation and Executive Director at Black Fire Innovation at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV)

“Investing in employee well-being and fostering a vibrant workplace culture isn’t just a compassionate approach―it’s a strategic imperative that directly fuels the bottom line. Rebecca gets this. Throughout her speeches, consulting, coaching, and The Energy of Success , she convincingly asserts that a dynamic and energized workforce will undoubtedly redefine the landscape of workforces, setting the stage for both individual fulfillment and unparalleled organizational growth.”
― Kevin Koser, Vice President of Global Human Capital Management (HCM) Solutions at Spencer Thomas Group

The Energy of Success is the jolt of motivation we all need to turbocharge our businesses and teams. It’s packed with strategies that power up productivity and fuels up motivation. This is a MUST-READ for anyone looking to level up their game and charge up your work environment. Buy the book and power up!”
―Jeffrey Hayzlett, primetime TV and podcast host, speaker, and author

About the Author

REBECCA AHMED is an award-winning energy expert who advises companies of all sizes on how to create a motivational workplace culture by harnessing the energy and enthusiasm of their people. Her work has been featured in various publications including Forbes , ­Apple News+, the National Association of Colleges and Employers, TLNT, ­ Today’s Hotelier , and more.