Project Management: It's All Bollocks!: The Complete Exposure of the World Of, and the Value Of, Project Management

Susie Palmer-Trew & Peter Taylor

Language: English

Published: Dec 12, 2019


Welcome to Project Management: It's All Bollocks! where two people who vaguely know each other and barely like each other will pick over the sadly inadequate body of knowledge that is project management today, and generally challenge just about everything, eliminating that which you don't need to bother to learn about, or should already know, leaving you only with the parts that will give you the results you want. This book is a shakedown of project management, the profession, the myths it creates and promotes, its great ideas and ambitions and a few ropey bits that we're just not convinced about.

The project management profession continues to grow and mature, but is at risk of excluding those who don't fit the mould. There is a mystique out there that only certificated project managers can be project managers. This is nonsense. The project management skill set is accessible to anyone, and how you choose to access it and put it to use should remain the decision of the individual. There shouldn't be a right or wrong choice. This book is targeted at those 'projects as usual project managers' who will drive most of the change inside organisations tomorrow and beyond, and who really need help to do that.

The authors offer up a selection of seven cracking ideas, that when applied to a project environment will ultimately result in you being a good manager of projects in this modern world of business complexity.