Everybody Writes: Your New and Improved Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content

Ann Handley

Language: English

Publisher: Wiley

Published: Oct 25, 2022


A hands-on field guide to consistently creating page-turning content that your audience loves. (And that delivers real results.)

In the newly revised and updated edition of Everybody Writes, marketer and author Ann Handley improves on her Wall Street Journal bestselling book that’s helped hundreds of thousands become better, more confident writers.

In this brand-new edition, she delivers all the practical, how-to advice and insight you need for the process and strategy of content creation, production, and publishing.

This new edition also includes:

  • All-new examples, tools, resources
  • Updated step-by-step writing framework
  • Added and expanded chapters that reflect the evolution of content marketing (and evolution of Ann’s thinking about what works today)
  • The same witty and practical how-to approach
  • How to attract and retain customers with stellar online communication
  • How to choose your words well, sparingly, and with honest empathy for your customers
  • Best practices and ideas for crafting credible, trustworthy content
  • “Things Marketers Write”: The fundamentals of 19 specific kinds of content that marketers like you write
  • Inspiration. Confidence. Fun.

In this book, you’ll discover:

Content marketing has evolved. Yet writing matters more than ever.

In this new edition of Everybody Writes , you’ll find the strategies, techniques, tips, and tools you’ll need to refine, upgrade, and (most of all) inspire your own best content marketing.

From the Inside Flap

Everybody Writes is your essential guide to becoming a masterful marketer, writer, and storyteller.

We think the ability to write well is a gift bestowed on a lucky few. But that’s not true. Writing well is part habit, part knowledge, and part giving a damn.

We are all capable of better writing and better marketing. If only we had a clear approach and some useful go-to techniques. If only we knew exactly what would take our writing and storytelling to new heights.

Ann Handley, one of the world’s leading experts on marketing and business writing, packs Everybody Writes with proven strategies, fresh frameworks, and fun examples.

This brand-new, expanded edition offers you practical, step-by-step writing insight and storytelling approaches that you can put to work right away to transform your writing… and your business.

You’ll discover the resources you need to tell better stories, connect with your customers, transform your business―and have fun doing it.

It’s your essential guide to becoming a masterful marketer, writer, and storyteller… with a voice that’s all yours.

Inside you’ll discover:

  • The resources you need to write ridiculously well―with a goal of creating deeper, richer customer relationships
  • The joy and value of great writing (a clear, proven writing process)
  • The way to create a unique brand voice
  • Strategies for telling original stories that could come only from you
  • Specific approaches to the top 20 types of content that marketers write

Everybody Writes will reshape how you think about your writing. It’ll transform how you market, and how your customers respond to your marketing.

We are all capable of producing good writing.

We all have the magic within us.

Be the writer you’ve always wanted to be. Start creating content your audience will love.

From the Back Cover


Packed with proven strategies, fresh frameworks, and fun examples, Everybody Writes will teach you how to create your best work.

It’s your essential guide to becoming a masterful marketer, writer, and storyteller.

“Funny, insightful, and profoundly transformational. You can’t say that about any other book about the craft of becoming a better writer and a more brilliant marketer.”
―Andrew Davis, author and keynote speaker

“Writing is a skill, not a talent. That’s great news, because it means it can be learned. And who better to teach you the craft of commercial and professional writing than Ann Handley. This book will go a long way to helping you share your ideas and make an impact.”
―Seth Godin, author, This Is Marketing

“I never thought Everybody Writes 2 could top the original, but it does. With apologies to Top Gun: Maverick , this is the best sequel. Absolutely indispensable! Buy a copy for all people who use words for any reason.”
―Jay Baer, author, Hug Your Haters

“There is no better way to become an exceptional writer than to spend a few hours inside of Ann Handley’s head. Everybody Writes v.2 (it’s 43.5% funnier) allows you to do just that and more. I LOVED every minute of it. It’s a must for anybody…because everybody writes! side.”
―Ahava Leibtag, President, Aha Media Group

“This clear-sighted framework will teach you to be a better writer. It makes this daunting topic so approachable, that I got excited just to write this blurb. No joke. side.”
―Andy Crestodina, Co-Founder and CMO, Orbit Media Studios

“Here it is―the modern writer’s handbook, finely tuned to meet the needs of today’s extremely weird world. This book is the coach, cheerleader, and no-nonsense friend every writer should have by their side.”
―Beth Dunn, Marketing Fellow at HubSpot

About the Author

ANN HANDLEY is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author focused on helping businesses worldwide escape marketing mediocrity to ignite tangible results. Her work has appeared in Entrepreneur , the Wall Street Journal , NPR, Chicago Public Radio, and the Financial Times. IBM named her one of seven people shaping modern marketing. More than 50K people subscribe to her popular email newsletter.

She is the world’s first Chief Content Officer, a principal at training and education company MarketingProfs, and a regular speaker at events globally.

Ann is also a mom, dog person, and writer. Her favorite food is kale salad. But don’t hold that against her.